Let Me Tell You About My Character: The Good Shepherds – Sarge & Witchcraft

Our GM was sick last night, so the Good Shepherds took the week off. I figured I would take the time to go into a little detail about my characters, both just in case you were interested and to give me an opportunity to flesh them out a bit more to help me when I bring them to the table. Some of this stuff will be new to those just following the Aps, some of it will be even new to my group, and some of it I’ll have come up with during the writing of this. Witchcraft hasn’t actually hit the table yet, and I’ve noticed (at least for me) the execution always drifts a bit from my character concept, so putting it down here should in interesting for comparison later on. This got a bit long, and some may consider this a bit spoilery, so click here to read the whole thing.