Random Cult Table

This is another half-baked thing that had been sitting half-done in my drafts folder for a long time.  A while back I was having a discussion with some folks online about cults in fantasy games and what you needed to make them game-able.

I sketched out a quick list of what I thought would be relevant for a traditional fantasy game and thought I could make my own random tables of that, hit some writers block filling out the tables themselves and it sat for a bit longer than I’d care to admit.

While the conversation in question has long past, what I planed to write about today (The Leaky Bucket Crew session 2), didn’t happen.  And so when I sat down today and decided what I wanted to write for my Post a Day challenge, I felt like I had the ideas necessary to finish this and get this all out to be (hopefully) usable to some people. Lots of tables inside