Still Not Dead! Gaming in the Last Month

From my last post:

That’s where we will pick up tonight, I might be too busy to get tonight’s session written up by the weekend, but I will try to get it done by monday.

Apparently that’s code for “You won’t here from me for a month”, sorry about that guys! I got out of the habit of writing, feels bad, I should have made time for it. I figured I can at least give a state of the union update.

Devil Survivor is actually going fairly well, even if I hadn’t written about it. My excitement levels have gone a bit down on it, and I don’t find myself thinking about it outside of game time as much, but given how long it has been running, I don’t think that’s really that unusual. It helps that the players are starting to surprise me more, so the sessions are needing to become more improvised anyway.

Plot wise, the two managed to make it out of the Cult’s sanctum without any real incidents, they can tell the cult wants something from them and so isn’t going to just kill them, but they can’t tell what that is yet. Overnight, it seems as though O’Connor’s group has kicked things off with a bang and assassinated one of the Admins. Security and the rebels are now at each other’s throats and not really willing to help the PCs deal with the cult, so they’ve been trying to play both sides to get shit to calm down. There were some scenes I really wish I was playing a game with good social mechanics for (like Burning Wheel), because the pure RP versions felt a little lacking.

Speaking of Burning Wheel, I am in the process of organizing a new game to finally replace my old Sunday night game! It is a pair of One on One games with a guy I met through the Burning Wheel G+ Community, I’ll GM one and be the player in the other. Session 0 for both games is this Sunday, so I’ll try to fill you in on all the details next week.

I still really want to do my Torchbearer West Marches game, and this feeling has only been hyped up even more by the fact that a playtest of the overland travel rules, was released today. It seems exactly like the missing piece I needed to pull this off mechanically, now I just need the real world time to put in the legwork to get a group together. Finding that might be tricky as there is some other, non-gaming obligations I am looking to take on as well (with a bit higher priority). But it is still on my mind.

In videogames, e3 happened recently. Personally, I thought it was a rather underwhelming year, but some of Nintendo’s stuff looks pretty sweet (Mario and Metroid). Rabbids Kingdom battle actually looks really fun which probably was the surprise of the show. I don’t think the e3s can all be winners, what with how long game development cycles are, and so I hope next year will be even better.

Personally, I have been playing Crusader Kings II, Story of Seasons Trio of Towns (Married Illuka), and have just dipped into Ever Oasis and Tropico 4 (which I picked up in the steam sale). I was a bit iffy on Ever Oasis, and still not sure if I like it, but I’ll play it a bit more and see. Tropico seems pretty fun so far, and I do love the occasional management game.

In board gaming, my buddies and I actually met for a game night on Sunday, which was the first in a while. We played a round of Dungeon Busters, which finally gave me an excuse to punch the cardboard bits out of it! I ended up playing too conservatively, and so while I never lost any gems, didn’t pull in enough to win. I also finally got to play the Betrayal at House on the Hill expansion. That game ended with a friend of a friend having the choice between a collective victory, and a victory for only him. I’ll leave it at that the rest of us were not happy with his decision. We rounded out the night with two games of Secret Hitler, a hidden identity game where I ended up on the bad team with the same partner both times. We managed to pull of a win twice in a row, which managed to annoy my other friends that we fooled them twice. I’m hoping we can have another one soon!

That about covers my last month in gaming, I’m not going to make any hard promises about writing more entries (because we’ve seen what those are worth), but I am going to at least try, especially with my new Burning Wheel game coming up. Either way, see you next time I hit that publish button!


Board Game Update: Xia, X-wing, and More Pandemic: Legacy

Had a good board gaming day yesterday. Had two packages show up, both a bit belated birthday presents, one with Xia, Legends of a Drift System, a pretty sweet sci-fi “sandbox” game. You all start out with a ship with a special ability, and a randomly generated (albeit via finite tiles) star system to explore, with plenty of ways to earn victory. A group of friends and I all played it at a con and really loved it, but didn’t love its nearly $90 price tag. Managed to score it as a birthday gift to bypass that, and am trying to get a game day together. Should be fun.

Other package was the Imperial Raider for the X-wing miniatures game. A really sweet huge ship. Sadly, one of the plastic pieces that connects it to the stand had broken off in the box, and the ship wasn’t usable. Amazon made the return rather painless and will even ship the replacement before they get the original back, so that’s alright. While I would rather have gotten the ship intact, seeing it made me pretty excited for the real deal. Finding an excuse to actually USE it will be another matter entirely.

After a two-and-a-half month hiatus, the gang also sat down to play another round of Pandemic Legacy. I highly recommend playing it, assuming you enjoy Pandemic enough to commit to 12 to 24 games of it. I also recommend going in blind, so you might want to stop reading if you haven’t gotten to it yet. If you don’t have much knowledge of the If you have, or don’t care, click here for the rest!

Gaming Year in Review – 2016

2016 is quickly drawing to a close, and so, I’d like to reflect on the gaming highlights of the year.

In board gaming, the big highlights of the year were Netrunner, and Pandemic: Legacy. I was a little later to the party on both of those, but they were both a lot of fun. Netrunner a buddy and I got pretty into for a while in the spring, meeting pretty regularly for games (and to show off the new cards we bought) for about 2 months. I kinda got busy and so we didn’t keep getting together for regular things, but man did I enjoy the really durdly decks I made with it. Pandemic Legacy has continuously been amazing, with the only fault being that we just haven’t gotten together enough to complete it. I love the group of people I am playing with it, but actually getting all 4 of us together is a pain in the butt.

This year in video games was mostly about sequels and old franchises for me, Pokemon Sun & Moon are almost certainly the best Pokemon games in a while, and the new Ace Attorney game is finally something that can stand among the original trilogy after the mediocre 4 & 5. XCOM 2 was pretty amazing and kept me hooked through several runs until I beat it on Ironman! Star Fox Zero also gets special mention, the new controls worked for me, although I can see how they didn’t for others. I also FINALLY went back and beat Valkyria Chronicles, which might not have been notable except it has been one of those games on my list for YEARS, and it felt good to clear that off.

I’d have to put Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE as my game of the year. Despite it not being what anyone (myself included) expected from a SMT/FE crossover game, AND the unfortunate changes done during localization, it is actually a wonderfully done JRPG with a lot of heart put into it, I actually still have the vocal CD in my car’s CD player.

This year in Role-playing was actually pretty good, all things considered. The first part of the year involved finishing up an Age of Rebellion (FFG Star Wars) game, as my new job at the time made continuing to run it unfeasible. The ending was a bit rushed, but it was an ACTUAL ENDING, which I hadn’t had a chance to do as a GM before then. Also this year, was the Burning Holy War of Succession, a Burning Wheel game I was a player in, that lasted a good 18 sessions to the completion of the main arc. That gave way to my Revenge of the North game (the postmortem here being one of my first posts on this blog), which didn’t last very long, but also had an ending.  After that, this same group is taking a break from Burning Wheel and has been playing The Good Shepherds, a Blades in the Dark game, which we’ll sit down for a new session of on the first!

As for RPG books, this year I bought, Tenra Bansho Zero, Torchbearer, The Burning Wheel Codex, and (just recently) Sorcerer.  Haven’t got a chance to use all of those yet, but would totally like to!

The big things I am looking forward to in 2017 are:

  • Getting that Devil Survivor Game I mentioned in my post here going.
  • The Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild
  • Finishing Pandemic and then starting SeaFall
  • Getting my Wooden Copy of Inheritance I backed for from when I was feeling rich with job money.  Hopefully I’ll get to play it, but getting 9 other people together may be tough!

I’m not too likely to post again this year, so I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Let’s all have some good gaming in 2017!