This page is for persistent links to various projects I have posted on this blog or elsewhere.  Right now, I don’t have any strict criteria for what defines a “project” vs a one-off content post, but I will go with my gut until the point where some criteria develops.

The Gulf of False Hope

The setting for my West Marches game I want to get going at some point.  I am trying to keep everything I post on my blog appropriate for player eyes, so if and when I do get this off the ground, any of my players are allowed (but by no means required) to read anything I throw up here.

  • Daydreaming About West Marches The post that kick started the whole thing!
  • The Building the Gulf of False Hope series, in which I start to flesh out the setting a bit.
    • Part 1: The premise of the setting, settlers from a safe continent returning to reclaim wild land from across the sea.
    • Part 2: The settlements local to the Gulf as well as the predominant religion among the settlers.
    • Part 3: The Calendar most commonly used by the settlers.
    • Part 4: How the various mainline stocks see Adventurers


A hack to play Torchbearer in the settling of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda series.  Torchbearer is not a good fit if you want to emulate the heroic feel of being Link from the games.  Rather, using Torchbearer is designed to portray Hyrule as a dangerous place for more average folks like the PCs.  Currently, only have some non-play-tested classes.

  • Version 1, posted on the Burning Wheel Forums. Contains Gerudo, Goron, Rito, Sheikah, and Zora Stocks and Classes, all Levels 1-5
  • Version 2, starting off with editing and Expanding the stocks above into full 10 level classes.
    • Gerudo Spellblade, called the Shaman in version 1, also contains instructions on how to play Hylians and foreign humans.

Torchbearer Class Template For quick copy pasting for future classes, feel free to use it if you have a wordpress or wordpress like site, but I make no guarantees about its utility to anyone but me.