This page is for persistent links to various projects I have posted on this blog or elsewhere.  Right now, I don’t have any strict criteria for what defines a “project” vs a one-off content post, but I will go with my gut until the point where some criteria develops.

The Gulf of False Hope

The setting for my West Marches game I want to get going at some point.  I am trying to keep everything I post on my blog appropriate for player eyes, so if and when I do get this off the ground, any of my players are allowed (but by no means required) to read anything I throw up here.

  • Daydreaming About West Marches The post that kick started the whole thing!
  • The Building the Gulf of False Hope series, in which I start to flesh out the setting a bit.
    • Part 1: The premise of the setting, settlers from a safe continent returning to reclaim wild land from across the sea.
    • Part 2: The settlements local to the Gulf as well as the predominant religion among the settlers.
    • Part 3: The Calendar most commonly used by the settlers.
    • Part 4: How the various mainline stocks see Adventurers
    • Part 5: Holidays and the moons
    • Part 6: Describing the various types of dead and undead in the world.
    • Part 7: Funeral rules, the closest thing you get to ‘good’ undead, and liches.
  • Gulf of False Hope Weather Chart


A hack to play Torchbearer in the settling of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda series.  Torchbearer is not a good fit if you want to emulate the heroic feel of being Link from the games.  Rather, using Torchbearer is designed to portray Hyrule as a dangerous place for more average folks like the PCs.

Classes and Stocks:

  • Version 1, posted on the Burning Wheel Forums. Contains Gerudo, Goron, Rito, Sheikah, and Zora Stocks and Classes, all Levels 1-5
  • Version 2, starting off with editing and Expanding the stocks above into full 10 level classes.
    • Gerudo Spellblade, called the Shaman in version 1, also contains instructions on how to play Hylians and foreign humans.
    • Goron Merchant, also includes bombs.
    • Rito Bard, A winged warrior who can fly and use powerful Song Magic
    • Sheikah Ninja, also includes the Yiga clan, with each having its own unique ability.
    • Zora Invoker, a holy Zora warrior who can either learn to cast cleric prayers, or be a fishy Paladin like class.
    • Variant options to Run Gerudo and Sheikah as human classes.

Hometowns and a few custom hometown Traits

Torchbearer Class Template For quick copy pasting for future classes, feel free to use it if you have a wordpress or wordpress like site, but I make no guarantees about its utility to anyone but me.