My name is Kyle, and I am a gamer (although I work as a Software Engineer to pay the bills).  This blog is for me to log and share my thoughts and experiences with the games I play. I’ve been playing games of various types for as far back as I can remember. I am told that, as a baby, when I would wake up at night with colic, my dad would sit with me in front of the TV and play NES games, and that would calm me right down. As a toddler, I played the normal children’s games like Uno, Memory, and Candy Land. As for Role-playing games, they were just a natural outgrowth of the “playing pretend” that I had always done.

While my preferences for individual games and genres has changed over time, games have always been a thing I loved.  I started this blog so that I could share my experiences with this thing I love with other people who love it, as well as have a record for my own use.  My focus is mostly going to be on RPGs, followed by board and video games, although that could change over time.

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