Weather in the Gulf

Personally, I have an issue where most of my adventures take place on an unremarkable partly cloudy day.  I generally don’t even think about weather often enough when I really think it is something that should ALWAYS be considered when doing things out of doors.

Luckily for me, weather tables have been a thing in RPGs for quite a while, and Torchbearer even has its own weather table in the Middarmark campaign setting.  I could honestly PROBABLY use it as is, and it would fit the Gulf well enough, but I’ve decided to personalize the tables to be a bit more in like with my descriptions of the months I described way back when on the Saint’s Calendar.

Like Middarmark, this is a 3d6 system, modified by timing of the season.  I’m using a five tier system where the first section gets a -2 modifier to the roll, next gets a -1, next gets a 0, 2nd to last gets a +1, and the last section gets a +2.  This level of detail probably isn’t really needed and I likely could get by with just having a -1/0/+1 modifier assigned to each month, but the extra detail won’t hurt.

Weather effects from Middermark will not be described here, new weather is on the list is marked with a *, see the bottom of the post for their mechanical effects.


  • New Years Day and the first two weeks of Revelation: -2
  • Third week of Revelation and first week of Highwater: -1
  • Last two weeks of Highwater and First Week of Kingsmonth: +/- 0
  • Second and third week of Kingsmonth: +1
  • Last two weeks of Kingsmonth: +2
Roll Weather
1-2 Cold Snap
3 Snow
4 Frost
5-6 Crisp and Cold
7-9 Rain
10 Unseasonably Warm
11 Downpour*
12-14 Clear and Cool
15-17 Warm and Bright
18 Heatwave
19-20 Unseasonably Hot*


  • First two weeks of Soliscuria: -2
  • Third week of Soliscuria and first two weeks of Highsun: -1
  • Last two weeks of Highsun: +/- 0
  • First three weeks of Goldgrass: +1
  • Last two weeks of Goldgrass: +2
Roll Weather
1-3 Rain
4-6 Clear and Cool
7-10 Warm and Bright
11-13 Hot and Dry*
14-15 Heatwave
16 Rain
17-18 Storm
19 Fog
20 Gale


  • First two weeks of First Harvest: -2
  • Last two weeks of First Harvest and first week of Noxregnum: -1
  • Last three weeks Noxregnum: +/- 0
  • First two weeks of Last Harvest: +1
  • Last two weeks of Last Harvest: +2
Roll Weather
1-4 Storm
5 Gale
6-9 Blustery Wind
10-11 Clear and Cool
12 Rain
13-14 Fog
15 Frost
16 Snow
17 Ice Storm
18 Blizzard*
19-20 Deep Freeze*


  • Anytime before the third week of Snowfall: -2
  • Third week of Snowfall and first two weeks of Noxapicem: -1
  • Last two weeks of Noxapicem: +/- 0
  • First three weeks of Year’s End: +1
  • Last two weeks of Year’s End: +2
Roll Weather
1-2 Gale
3-4 Frost
5-8 Crisp and Cold
9-12 Snow
13-14 Extreme Cold
15-16 Ice Storm
17-19 Blizzard*
20 Unseasonably Warm

New Weather

  • Blizzard:  As Thundersnow, Gulf Blizzards have a one in three chance of being a total white-out, treat all foolish enough to venture into such a storm as being in Darkness, regardless of light, any traveling companions are advised to physically tether themselves together.  If using the journey rules, counts as +3 to the Toll.
  • Cold Snap: As in Middarmark but with two changes, one, the late in the season modifier is +2 instead of +1, and two, adventuring during a Cold Snap, no matter the weather rolled, counts as adventuring during Winter.  Base Toll 3.
  • Deep Freeze: The frigid northern winds that cool the gulf have already begun to pick up in full.  It is now Winter with all that entails, roll all weather (including re-rolling this one) on the Winter Weather chart until spring arrives.  The journey is considered to be taking place in Winter (base toll 3)
  • Downpour: At times, the skies of the Gulf will open up and let loose a flood of water from the skies, turning most of the ground into mud, as Rain, but the health test is ob 3.  Further the dark clouds block out the sun and the stars, reducing all natural sources of lighting by one step.  Candles are automatically extinguished in a downpour, and unlit torches and uncovered lanterns can not be lit.  Luckily, such heavy rains tend not to last, and downpours provide +1D to all survivalist tests made to wait them out.  +2 Toll
  • Hot and Dry: Hot and Dry, unsurprisingly, consists of both Hot and Dry weather.  The effects of the hot weather last only until the next weather roll, but Dry weather lasts until weather with some precipitation is rolled. +1 Toll and can count as drought as GM’s discretion.
    • Hot: Not having sufficient water (Being Hungry and Thirsty) is an additional factor in all tests involving physical labor under the sun, condition: Sick (Heatstroke) is an appropriate failure consequence for all such tests.  In addition, the heat is an additional factor in recovering from exhausted.
    • Dry: All Limited water sources provide one less draught, small streams may be dried up at the GM’s discretion.  Dry weather is a factor in Survivalist tests to find water.  Apply the effects of Dry weather an additional time every two times Hot and Dry weather is rolled between precipitation events.
  • Unseasonably Hot: Not to be confused with Unseasonably Warm. Summer will sometimes arrive early or overstay its welcome in the Gulf.  Roll on the Summer Table with a -2 Modifier if in Spring, or a +2 if in Autumn.  Toll as weather rolled.

Current PaDC score: 12/31

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