Triforcebearer: Bombs, Bombflowers, and the Goron Merchant



Today in Triforcebearer bring you the Goron Merchant, as well as a few companion pieces of gear to go with it.  Gorons fill in the role of Dwarves in Zelda, and the Merchant kinda stands in for the Adventurer as well, although they don’t start out quite as good at fighting, they do start out trained in a wide berth of useful skills.

Bombs and Bomb Flowers

Bombs in Hyrule is the name of a certain type of explosive derived from the Bomb Flower.  Bombs are highly useful in destroying rocks and walls, either counting as a good idea or providing a +1D bonus on all tests to do so.  Properly made Goron bombs can be used as a weapon in a physical conflict, requiring one hand to use, granting +1s to attack, and turning all attacks vs attacks into vs tests, however, bombs are -1D to any action if the wielder is also carrying any light source, and any failed attack with bombs subtracts one disposition from the attacker.  Bombs are typically carried in a bomb bag (pack 2 full, 1 empty), but also can be carried lose as a pack 1 item.  Bombs are treated like ammo, not tracked, but expended as a twist, if this twist is explosive in nature, a bomb bag will contain that explosion, a normal bag or carrying bombs lose will not.

One of the many unique bits of flora found in Hyrule is the Bomb Flower.  The Bomb Flower is actually a weed, and can be found all over Hyrule, even sometimes in dark places where plants wouldn’t normally grow.  The Bomb Flower itself is more like an explosive fruit than a flower, being and has a strong tendency to explode, either when the stem had been damaged or when the fruit is ripe and ready to scatter its seeds.  The Gorons have domesticated the bomb flower, allowing them to grow varieties that last long enough to be turned into bombs, but other races generally (with few exceptions) aren’t tough enough to deal with the explosive results that come from dealing with even “domesticated” bomb flowers.  Bombflowers of all types function identically to Bombs, except that wild bomb flowers explode 1 turn after picking, while domesticated bomb flowers explode in 3.  A bomb or bomb flower exploding in your hands is grounds for a health test to avoid getting injured in the best case scenario.

A bomb bag full of bombs is ob 3 to but, while refilling it with bombs is ob 2, most stores will not sell you bombs without a bomb bag to put them in.  It’s a liability thing.

Gourmet Rocks

The most delicious rocks mined from the heart of Death Mountain. They can be eaten straight or made into a delicious Rock Stew.  Ob 2 to buy on Death Mountain, Ob 3 elsewhere.  Gourmet Rocks never spoil, are 3 servings to pack 1 inventory space, and can even be cooked with as though they were fresh rations to make a mean rock stew.  The only downside being, Gourmet Rocks, and any dishes made with them, are completely inedible to anyone but Gorons.  Gorons, on the other hand, can survive on human food… If they absolutely HAVE to, but they’ll probably complain about it.

Goron Merchant

A race that has remained almost unchanged since ancient times, Gorons are large rock-men that prefer to live in volcanic regions. While typically slow moving, Gorons are able to curl their bodies up into a wheel like shape and roll around at great speeds. Gorons eat rocks, but are highly selective about what rocks they consume, often starving or resorting to eating human food before eating a common rock. As a result of their search for the tastiest rocks, Gorons tend to dig large mines, hauling up ore and other valuables as a side-effect. Still, Goron will put this ‘side-effect’ to good use, and are known for forging powerful weapons and armor.

Goron Merchants often travel far from the Goron volcanos, selling Goron goods and bringing back any valuables they find. While by Goron standards, they may not be the toughest fighters, the Goron’s inate size and strength and a need to be able to defend themselves on the road leads to many Goron Merchants being able to hold their own among adventurers. Many whose main business has turned south often take advantage of this and choose to try to seek out rare treasures underground to bring to market.

Special: Goron Merchants count as Dwarfs for Abilities from core Torchbearer that care about group composition like Giant Slayer.

Class Name Class Overview Class name Starting Options
Heart of the Mountain Gorons are as slow to change as the mountains themselves. This can allow them to push through adversity with a rock-hard resolve, but also can make them stubborn to a fault, even when changing things up is in their best interest.
Raw Abilities Will 3, Health 5 Wises Chose one of Rock-wise or Valuable Trinket-wise, take a second wise of your choice
Skills Haggler 3, Dungeoneer 2, Fighter 2, Scavenger 2,  Armorer 2, Peasant 2, Laborer 2 Starting Weapon Mace. You may also take a shield as a secondary weapon
Starting Trait Heart of the Mountain Starting Armor Leather, if you did not take a shield, you may also start with a helmet.

Goron Nature

Write Nature: Goron on your character sheet. Your descriptors are Rolling, Dancing, and Crafting. Goron characters have a base Nature of 3. Answer the following questions to determine your final starting Nature score, and possibly some traits.

Goron Nature Questions:

1) When confronted by an enemy, do you curl up into a ball and roll away, or do you stand and do battle?

  • If you curl into a ball and flee, increase Nature by 1
  • If you stand and fight, you may increase or replace your home trait with Honorable or Foolhardy.

2) Do you spend your time practicing your moves to impress your Goron brothers, or do you prefer to focus on more practical matters?

  • If they call you the Graceful Goron, increase Nature by 1, but reduce Armorer or Peasant by one if you have those skills, or Will if you do not.
  • If you prefer to do more important things, no ratings change.

3) Do you stand by everything you create and put your full effort into making it the best it can be, or does that sound like far too much work?

  • If you stand by everything with your name on it increase Nature by 1.
  • If putting all that effort in is just too much, you may increase or replace your home trait with Bitter or Skeptical.

Goron Merchant Level Benefits

Level 1
Goron Merchant: Goron Merchants can wield two handed swords, Warhammers, Maces, Crossbows and bombs. They can wear any armor (provided it was made for Gorons) and use a shield and wear a helmet.

Level 2
Unfastidious: While able to eat rocks, most Gorons are exceptionally picky about what rocks they eat. In a pinch, this Goron is willing to make do. This Goron may eat common rocks, sand, or even bits of mortar from the dungeon to alleviate the Hungry and Thirsty Condition, however, in doing so, the Goron gets the Angry Condition. A Goron may not use this ability when already Angry.
Shrewd: As the level 2 Adventurer Ability

Level 3
Stubborn: As the level 3 Warrior ability.
Goron Racer: This Goron is a particularly quick roller, it’s Goron roll can be equipped as a weapon in Chase conflicts, granting +2d to attack actions.

Level 4
Fists of Stone: A Gorons powerful arms and rock-hard fists count as a weapon, granting +1s to attack actions. If disarmed during an ongoing fight, a Goron may automatically switch to their fists.
Goron’s Special Crop: While in your hometown, you may make a free Peasant test at obstacle 3. Success indicates the Goron acquires a fresh supply of bombs flowers and can make a new bag for them if they do not have one.  If their bomb bag is already full, they can sell the extra bombs for 1D of cash. Failure gives the Goron the Angry condition, or Injured if they are already Angry. If they are already Injured and Angry, just increase their lifestyle cost by 1 to clean up the mess they made.

Level 5
Hard as Rock: Your skin counts as Plate Armor.  If this armor was damaged during a conflict, you gain the injured condition in addition to any other outcomes of the conflict (suffering no additional effects if already injured), the armor can only be repaired by recovering from the injured condition.  You can not benefit from another suit of armor during any exchange where you use this ability (but you can use a helmet).
Strong Back: You gain an additional Torso slot, however using this slot counts as a factor for recovering from exhaustion and you may not wear 2 backpacks.

Level 6
Sworn Brother: As the Level 5 Warrior Henchman ability.
Merchant’s Oath: The Goron Merchant always has access to the market, even when closed by town events, in addition, when rolling on the Haggling Events table after a successful haggler roll, he may add up to his margin of success plus one to his results (instead of just the +1 you get normally).

Level 7
Great Endurance: As the level 7 Adventurer Ability.
Dealmaker: Use Level instead of Will or Health, in any conflict involving negotiating over terms of a deal or prices.

Level 8
Word as Good as Rupees: Increase your Haggling and Resources caps both up to 7, you may advance them from 6 to 7 as per the standard advancement rules with seven successful and six failed tests.
Strong as the Mountain: Increase Might by 1 when you’re alone or in a group of other Gorons, Sheikah, and Warriors  (Count Dwarves and Halflings if mixing Zelda races with Standard races). Combine this bonus with other bonuses from spells and magic weapons.

Level 9
Heroic Ability: Choose Haggler, Fighter, or Health; tests with that skill/ability now succeed on 3-6.
Transformed: You may change one of your Nature descriptors to Conducting (Business),  Fighting, or Negotiating.

Level 10
Might of Din: Increase Might by one (From 3 to 4)
Secured Funding: Your Resources Attribute can never be taxed below 2, if your Resources Attribute is lower than 2 when you take this ability, immediately increase it to 2.


Current PaDC score: 10/31

Image from Wikimedia commons: link

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