Kaigan – The Leaky Bucket Crew – Koga Nobu’s letter

I spend some time after the Leaky Bucket Crew’s last session thinking about how their rival would respond to their actions against them.  In the end, I decided on sending them the following letter, likely to arrive the next time we play.

The letter is written in a very traditional calligraphy, each stroke intentional and deliberate, and lacking in the informal shortcuts of modern shorthand.  The scroll and the ink both seem to be from an expensive calligraphy set.

To the honorable Okoi Osoku and the honorable Upton O. Goode,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to you.  On the evening of the first of this month, a group of my men were beset by ruffians.  Shou, was a skilled salesman, husband, and father of three children, while Hiro was all his little sister had left in the world, it is with deep regret that I had to inform their families that these two caring men would not be returning home.  I consider it a small miracle that young Katsu was fortunate enough to be spared.

As I have heard that your men have encountered similar troubles, I strongly suspect that this may be part of the same group that has been attacking your and your these past few months.  While my men and I are more than prepared to deal with any further such incidents in the future, I regret to inform you that I can not spare any additional manpower in protecting you and yours.

Unfortunately, delivering this news is not the only reason I write to you today.  Once he had calmed down, young Katsu delivered a message from the cruel thugs who carried out this attack.  One of the men claimed the identity of “Axe”, a pseudonym adopted by one of your enforcers.  While I would like to believe that none of your people would ever be involved in an attack on your comrades working for the family, the description young Katsu gave is too accurate to dismiss as a coincidence.

I would ask you to send Axe to the Warehouse in Kyuushu ward, on the sixth.  I have good men who will get the truth of the matter from him, in a manner not biased by fondness or feelings of betrayal the two of you may harbor.  Once we have determined his innocence, we will return him to you with no lasting damage.  In the event we discover he has been conducting activities of this sort behind your back, we will gain all information we can about the source of violence on the docks as of late, and he will suffer a fitting punishment for his betrayal of both you, and the organization we serve.

As fond as I sure you are of the man, I believe that if you are truly interested in solving the violence besetting both sides, and loyal to the family, you will cooperate in this matter.  If not, I can only conclude you are either sanctioning his actions, or protecting a traitor to the clan.   Neither of which, I, or our higher ups, could abide.

I hope this leads to a renewed spirit of cooperation and friendship between our two organizations.

Faithfully yours,
Koga Nobu

The signature is followed by his stamp and seal.

Current PaDC score: 5/31

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