36 Facts and Rumors From the Gulf

My Gulf of False hope game is going fairly slowly, but still chugging along.  Shortly I hope to bring several of my online roleplaying friends into the West Marches style, which will hopefully lead to a bit more frequency in sessions all around.

To that end, I have decided to refresh the rumors and current happenings in the Gulf, and local talk of the gulf. While I will likely update this as the game goes on, I’ll likely be distributing my updates through events and roleplay in the game world, with only the most common rumors directly told to everyone.

I’ve sorted them into a table using 2d6 with the first d6 also determining the origin of the rumor.  Thus if I need to randomly pick a specific rumor, I can filter it by location and only roll on the location sub-table, or roll on the whole table to get rumors from the gulf in general.  The Elda Spires is not listed as many of the players will be humans and the Elda Spires is a secret place known only to the elves.

  1. Ashford’s Folly
    1. Locals are privately grumbling about the burden of quartering a contingent of Duchess Varrok’s men.  The Captain, however, seems to have some work for Adventurous sort.
    2. Mayor Timothy Ashford seemingly has come down with an illness, the healers say he will not survive the winter without medicine
    3. Local man, James the Drunk has been ranting about some undiscovered treasure in a nearby Cave
    4. Sailors tell of an island North of the Citadel which has mysterious dais
    5. On Nights when Nephis is full, sailors will refuse to sail the Gulf, for claims that the Kraken patrols the gulf on such nights
    6. Divers have been finding riches in ancient shipwrecks among the shallows of the gulf.
  2. Citadel of the Saints
    1. Two Adventurers just arrived from the House of Three Squires, claiming it has been overrun by kobolds!
    2. A great chasm in the earth can be found to the south east, some suggest it leads directly to the underworld.
    3. An magical circle seems to have been built out of standing stones to the east ancient times, but none know how to work it.
    4. The Citadel is militarizing in response to reports of a dangerous cult.
    5. Merchants are complaining about the citadel’s restrictions of gathering medical plants artificially driving up prices.
    6. Inquisitor Darris is said to pay a bounty for heretical artifacts so that they may be “properly disposed of”.
  3. Mine of Dalmand
    1. The Dwarves of Dalmand will pay well for survey data about the mountains to the east.
    2. A party of adventures was exploring one of those peaks when an Earthquake shook the mountain, they have not been heard from since.
    3. A new excavation seems to have run into some trouble when it hit an ancient ruin.
    4. The Dwarves seek their ancestral home in the Gulf
    5. The quality of iron from the mine seems to be falling
    6. Thorvin Karsson is telling anyone who will listen that he believes he has located the decanter of endless beer
  4. New Callumsville
    1. Hobgoblin Raiders have been assaulting Traders on the road
    2. Kalotti hunters have been coming into the town and trading for weapons.
    3. A young man by the name of Erik is begging for any willing brave souls to lend him and his village aide
    4. A respected merchant claims to have a treasure map featuring local terrain
    5. Harrod the cook is says he is on the verge to creating the world’s greatest dish, but needs assistance in collecting the more exotic ingredients
    6. A highly regarded priest of the Way has gone missing, his parish offering what little they can pull together by way of reward
  5. The Tower of Vazadrax the Mad
    1. The scholars of the tower claim that the great dragon known as the Terror of the Gulf, likely lairs east by northeast of the tower.
    2. It is said that Vazadrax’s personal library contains every spell still known in the modern era, and even a few that aren’t.
    3. People are vanishing in the middle of the night
    4. Several students of Vazadrax were banished for their practices of black magic, but they continue their research in a secret location
    5. The mages will pay well for magical reagents found in the mushroom forest to the south, but many who go there fall ill to an unknown disease
    6. An ancient temple to some unknown religion can be found in the hills to the southeast
  6. Outlying Villages
    1. Hommlet lost its guard captain and few remaining militia in a struggle with bandits
    2. While Skogenby’s undead problem has been solved, a previously unseen blight is threatening to take their crops.
    3. A traveling trader has reported very single member of the village of Riverbend disappeared between his weekly visits
    4. Whispers speak of a cult of the “The Lady of Eight” slowly corrupting remote and vulnerable settlements
    5. The word from the remote village Chaves is that a star fell to the ground and impacted in the hills nearby
    6. Several towns have reported raids by the Kalotti

Current PaDC score: 4/31

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