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Been just under two years since I posted the levels 1-10 of the Gerudo Spellblade, and I really intended to do the rest over the next few months after that.  I ran into some design blocks with a few of the classes as I tried to overhaul them, and then the project got put aside for other things.   Still, I do want to finish the levels 1-10 of all the classes at some point and so I might use this Post a Day Challenge as an excuse to re-tackle them and see which ones I can get out for you.

If you are curious, levels 1-5 can be found on the archived Burning Wheel Forums.

Today, we look at the Zora Invoker (Zora, in this case, referring to Sea Zoras, the friendly blue fish people, and not the similarly named River Zoras that are green and shoot laser balls at Link)

Zora Invoker

The Zora are a race of amphibious humanoids that make their home in the lakes, seas, and waterways of Hyrule. They are covered in scales and fins, and their heads often resemble sea creatures. Zora require clean water and will aggressively defend the waters in which they live against monsters or other races that would contaminate it. In practice, Hylians have found that respecting the Zora’s territory and their concerns about the water results in clean water for all to drink, and so the relationship between the two races tends towards friendly and cooperative at best to a respectful distance and indifference at worst.

In ancient times, it was said that Zora’s domain was home to a large guardian deity that took the form of a large fish, in modern times, Zora tend to worship gods and spirits of water, while some are strongly aligned with the Golden Goddess Nayru. In Zora society, those who can call upon the power of the gods are called Invokers. Invokers not only function as spiritual leaders, but train their body to defend the waters where they live from invaders and the minions of the Calamity.

Class Name Class Overview Class name Starting Options
Water-born Zora are at home in the water, and are well suited to wet, damp, and humid climes. Away from the water, in very cold or very dry places, they tend to do much more poorly.
Raw Abilities Will 5, Health 3 Wises  Choice one of Hyrule Waterways-wise or Water Spirit-Wise, take a second wise of your choice
Skills Fighter 3, Ritualist 3, Theologian 3, Healer 2, Sailor 2, Scholar 2 Starting Weapon/Armor Choose a dagger or spear, you may take a shield as a secondary weapon.
You also start with Leather armor, if you did not take a shield, you may take a helmet.
Starting Trait Water-born Racial Benefit Zora are amphibious and may breathe in air as well as in fresh and salt water. They cannot breathe in stagnant or heavily polluted water. Zora who are not wearing armor or a backpack never need to test health for swimming, even in rough waters or fast currents.

Zora Invokers follow the same rules that clerics do for alignment.

Zora Nature

Write Nature: Zora on your character sheet. Your descriptors are Fishing, Swimming, and Protecting. Zora characters have a base Nature of 3. Answer the following questions to determine your final starting Nature score, and possibly some traits.

Zora Nature Questions:

1) Do you prefer to eat the raw fresh fish of the rivers and lakes, or would you rather have the exotic food and cooking of the land people?

  • If you prefer raw fish straight from the river, increase your nature by one.
  • If you have acquired a taste for cooked food and spices, you may replace or increase your home trait with Curious or Extravagant

2) Do you spend your free time swimming and relaxing in rivers and lakes, or do you spend it studying and improving yourself?

  • If you laze about in the water increase Nature by one, but reduce Lore Master or Scholar by one if you have those skills, or Will if you do not.
  • If you spend your time improving yourself, no ratings change.

3) In times of crisis, will you protect your home, your kinsman and all the waters of Hyrule?

  • If you’ll do your duty as a Zora, increase your nature by one.
  • If you have better things to do than stick your gills out like that, you may replace or increase your home trait with Bitter or Jaded.

Zora Invoker Level Benefits

When they gain a level, Zora Invokers choose between a cleric prayer (first circle for levels 2, 3 and 5, second circle for levels 4 and 6, third circle for 7 and 8, and forth circle at level 9) or a special level benefit. Only the special level benefits are listed here. Gaining new prayers is described in the Gaining New Prayers section (TB 113).  Invokers do NOT start with Fury of the Lords of Life and Death, but may prepare it as a first circle prayer, casting it any number of times from that same prayer slot.

Level 1
Invoker: You can wear any armor (provided it was made for Zoras), wield a Dagger, Mace, Polearm, Spear, and Sword and use a shield and wear a helmet.

Level 2
Bladed Fins: As the level 2 Warrior Brawler ability.

Level 3
Home in the Water: While in town, if the town has a clean, above ground water source, you may stay in it at no lifestyle cost. In Zora’s Domain, this counts as staying in a flophouse, in all other towns, this counts as staying in the Stables. Local laws may make this illegal, and town events may contaminate the water supply. Zoras without this ability who try this count as staying on the streets.

Level 4
Cool Headed: As the level 4 Warrior ability.

Level 5
Echolocation: You suffer no penalties or restrictions for dim light or darkness when underwater.

Level 6
Cold Blooded: You are not visible to creatures that use thermal or infrared vision to see in darkness (although any light source you are carrying may be).  Further, you can automatically hide without making a test or using a turn from non-aquatic creatures in any pool of water big enough to submerge yourself.

Level 7
Nayru’s Love: Once per adventure, you may remove any number of Afraid or Angry conditions from you and your allies.  This may only be done in camp, but does not cost a check.  Any further instances of Angry or Afraid incurred on this adventure must be recovered as normal.

Level 8
Blessing of Sacred Water: In camp phase, if you have access to clean water, you may conduct the Blessing of Sacred Water ritual to bless you and your allies’ weapons, by spending a check and testing Ritualist against the factors below.  Blessed weapons grant +1d to fighter tests, and, when doing battle against minions of the Calamity, +1 Might.

Level 9
Spear and Prayer: Choose Ritualist or Fighter, the chosen skill now has a cap of 7, you may advance it from 6 to 7 with seven successful and six failed tests.

Level 10
Heroic Ability: Choose Ritualist, Theologian, or Fighter, tests with that skill/ability now succeed on 3-6.
Ruler of the Sea: Increase Might by 1 in general (from 3 to 4) and an additional one when engaging in any conflict in or on the water.

Blessing of Sacred Water factors
Weapons Blessed: One Ally’s, Yours, Two Weapons, Whole Group’s
Duration (One test/Conflict is free): Until next Camp Phase, Until Next Town Phase
Water Consumed: One draught Per Weapon, One Draught, A sprinkle
You may use holy water in place of draughts of water, doing so counts as supplies for the test.  If there is a source of pure water available in camp, you may use that and not count any factors for water consumed.

Current PaDC score: 3/31

Image from Wikimedia commons: link

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