You All Meet in a Tavern Turns 1 Year Old!

A year ago today, I turned this blog into public mode.  Launching with 3 back posts, I’ve made ever so slightly less than an average of one post a week since then, and that average is held up cause early on I had a decent number of weeks with 2 posts in that week.

While I would like to have a better average than that, I am  happy with the fact that I am still going at it a year on.  I recall launching this blog with the intent of sticking with it, but in the back of my mind there was a very real possibility that it would not last to the New Year, or fall apart as soon as I no longer needed a place to write up The Good Shepherds APs.  But, one year later, here I am, still putting things out, even if it is at a slower rate than I feel it should be.

In the pipeline are that Gulf Holiday post which is progressing, if slowly, the next Gulf Session should be starting a few hours after this goes live, so that should be interesting (can’t promise a recap as I really want to leave that to my players to inform each other about what happened).  And I am still plugging away at the Triforcebearer classes, I’d probably have another one out by now, except I decided to tackle the Rito Bard and decided I need a whole Song magic sub system instead of just level up benefits like I had in the rough draft.  Donno if the Bard and Song magic will be what I post next or if I will put that aside to do one of the other ones, but I still do plan to get all of them out at some point.  After that, maybe I’ll do some Zelda monsters, who knows?

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have came along and read my ramblings over the last year.  Hopefully I have posted something that was useful or at least interesting to you, and I hope you’ll bear with me in the future.  Here’s to another year of gaming!


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