Actual Play: Devil Survivor 22XX – Session 12 – Tuesday (Part 4)

The other night Caine and Venkata followed up on Ven’s mother’s information and made their way to a safe-house used by Immaculate Genesis, the cult they were pursuing. They didn’t quite know what to expect inside, but proceeded in with caution. Inside, they found a lobby area, with a pair of demons (Hathor and Horus) hanging out, and a man behind the desk.

The man greets Venkata by name, and says he has been expecting him. The man is Matthew Knox, the same Matthew that worked with Liam and Chris on the demon summoning program. For various reasons, the cult does not really want the PCs as their enemies at this point, and so Matthew is mostly cooperative with the two of them (although perhaps committing a few lies of omission).

The entirety of the session is taken up by the conversation with Matthew as he explains what he can, and the PCs are generally surprised at how reasonable he is, which is generally the result of two factors. First, in character, he is someone that IG specifically chose to make a good impression, there are raving zealots in it, but, that’s not who would be picked for something like this. Second, one of my goals for this game was to make all of the various factions (demons excluded), to have reasonable (from their point of view, at least) goals, the cult being no exception. I don’t honestly think that type of characterization is needed for EVERY RPG, sometimes the Lich just wants to take over the world because he can, but it was something I am going for here.

The conversation itself was a little disjointed, in my opinion. It wasn’t anything bad, it was just mostly two players both asking different questions of the same NPC at once, and sometimes changing subjects when they think of whatever new thing they want to ask, a lot like some Video Game dialog trees. I don’t think this is due to either of my players, as much as a result of the mediums. I’ve seen this a lot in RPGs in general, and text games tend to exagurate the issue when multiple players start typing a response to the same line of dialog before the other one posts.

Either way, they still get some good info out of Matthew:

  • He confirms that Chris was killed by some “overzealous” members of the cult
  • He will not let them meet/reveal the identity of the cult’s prophet, citing more security concerns than any religious reasons.
  • He claims that the cult has nothing to do with the lock-down/purges, and would generally rather that the lock down ended.
  • Finally, he admits that Vanessa is with them, and fine. He is willing to let Venkata meet her, but that involves taking them to their sanctum. which needs he has to take some security precautions.

We end with the group agreeing to be disarmed and blindfolded in exchange for being taken to the sanctum. I have to say I really do like that the pair of players I have in this game have the perfect mix of playing “smart”, but also are willing to jump into dangerous seeming situations like this when the situation demands it. Looking forward to the results next week!

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