Actual Play: Devil Survivor 22XX – Session 11 – Tuesday (Part 3)

We started off the other night with the group heading off to visit Venkata’s mother, they very quickly discovered, as they approached a more populated area, that Frost Ace did not have the super natural ability to hide that Wendigo had. According to him “Hee-horos of justice don’t need to hide!”. Still, they were pretty confidant that Venkata’s had the information they needed, and so they threw a coat on him and called it good. It helps that the frost family line looks much more like mascot characters than dangerous beasts, so he mostly got weird looks.

They arrive at the hospital room where Arya is being treated to find her already meeting with someone. I did a poor job describing him, so I think the PCs just assumed he was a doctor, but that really wasn’t my intent. The illness that Arya has affects her mind, but, for various reasons (her being the PC’s only current lead among them), I had today be a lucid day for her.

Her cat, Bastet (which I don’t know if the PCs picked up on or not), seemed to want to get at Venkata’s rabbit demon, but eventually gave up and settled into Arya’s lap, and Ven asked the other people there for the room.

Him and his mom exchanged some pleasantries, and generally had a fairly nice moment, before Ven got down to business and asked her about the cult. Arya, didn’t really want her son getting involved with them, but did tell him what he wanted to know. She explained that Immaculate Genesis believed that there really wasn’t much of a chance of humans rebuilding the world in its current state, but believed that it could be remade anew. Further, they believed that their leader had the power to summon and command demons, and would use this power to lead them into the new world.

Arya has been out of the game for a while, but she did say that she heard that an area of the Arc was evacuated under rather suspicious, under orders of an engineer she suspected of being an IG member. Venkata decides to check it out and promises to come back soon, and goes outside to tell Caine what he learned.

We called it there. It was a bit short, and Caine didn’t get to do much (I didn’t want to run two parallel conversations at once), but it overall went over well. I’ve been feeling like this game has gotten a bit railroady, so I think I will want to try to put some more open situations out there in the next few sessions when they confront the cult!

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