Actual Play: Devil Survivor 22XX – Session 7 – Monday’s Mania (part 4)

This session, as Caine’s player put it, “We walked down some stairs”. It was mostly a conflict session with a lot of the time being spent in OOC decision making and mechanical resloution, so while we played for a normal ammount of time, not very long passed in game. Ven and Caine had just made it to the emergency Stairwell, and the suits that were raiding the lab were attempting to chase them down. They got down about half a flight of stairs when the suits caught up to them. They considered having their demons hold those guys off, but I made it clear that Wendigo would not survive that, considering his previous injuries.

They opt for trying to delay them instead, Wendigo using his bufu to freeze the floor, and Jackalope using his confuse power to stop a few of them. The demons help, but Ven’s dice go cold, and Caine makes much more progress than Venkata does. Another throw of the dice like that, and Venkata takes a bullet to the leg, while Caine reaches a door into another hallway. I tell him that if he just keeps running at this point, he likely can get away, but that means leaving Venkata to deal with their pursuers on his own.

Caine elects to stay behind and help out (earning a humanity gain roll in the process), and directs Wendigo to go back and help. Caine’s directions to “help” are rather unclear, and a few ideas are tossed around, so I have Wendigo look to Ven for guidance which is met with an equally vague “Fucking DO SOMETHING!”. I decide to default to Wendigo’s base nature, which is combat.

Wendigo manages to take out one of the guys with its Bufu skill, and Caine barely misses hitting another one with a thrown lead pipe. Ven makes it to Caine and the two leave Wendigo behind after all as they make good their escape. Jackalope manages to heal Ven’s bullet wound, while Caine’s COMP informs him that his demon was “lost”.

The pair debate their next steps, and, feeling short on leads, decide to go to the protest. I’d intended this meeting to be exclusive to the protest, since they were going on at the same time, but I’ll likely let them show up for the tail end of it. Not really sure how well I handled that chase overall, but I think it was a good time for everyone involved.

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