Actual Play: Devil Survivor 22XX – Session 6 – Monday’s Mania (part 3)

We picked up right where we left off, the Pixie they let go vanishing around the corner of the hallway. Wendigo is injured, and Jackalope is exhausted (and exposed to Caine for the first time). Caine feels betrayed that Venkata didn’t tell him about his demon earlier, especially since Caine laid all his cards on the table. Venkata mostly blows him off, saying he had no reason to trust Caine, and if he wants to bail, he can. Caine wants to know what happened to his friend, so he decides to stick around for now, and the two continue on to the lab.

The Lab area is fairly secure, with video cameras and an electronic lock, but they manage to get inside by scanning Chris’ comp on the reader by the door. They arrive in the lab in question a bit before the guy they are trying to meet, and poke around for a bit. They consider trying to hack into some of the terminals, but they are fairly secure and might trigger some of the security systems if they fail, and so they decide not to risk it.

They wait until Liam shows up, who is rather ragged looking, and a bit freaked out that there are some random strangers here. They level with him and get him to calm down a bit. He tries to keep them from getting involved, until they reveal that they already know about the Demon Summoning Program, and that demons are on the loose in the Arc. He says he, Chris, and a third man named Matthew found the source code on an old salvaged server and managed to get it working again. They were going to keep it a secret, but he ended up sharing the program with a buddy of his and security, and now it seems like the Admins are out to get him.

Venkata asks him about Vanessa, and he doesn’t know much, but he does know that a strange woman was bothering them about the program, telling them to get rid of it, and he wasn’t sure how she knew about it. He also briefly mentions that Matthew might be involved in a cult or something, or at least, he found him a little creepy.

In retrospect, I think the conversations should have gone on a little longer, as there was more information the PCs wanted AND more information I wanted to give them, but at that point, Liam suddenly jerks, and seems to come under possession by a demon. The demon says people are coming, and Jackalope seems to corroborate. They ask about a a back way out, and the demon points them to an emergency exit.

This Demon decides to make its own way (using the PCs as bait to make its own escape), but does tell Venkata it noticed that Vanessa avoided Matthew to the point where he suspected they knew each other. Really that was a bit of information I just forgot to get out sooner, so it was kind of awkwardly thrown out there, but it worked well enough. The PCs make their way to the emergency exit and we end right as the alarm goes off and the suits notice them.

It was a nice short and a sweet session, and I think the PCs have been really coming into their own. I’m not really sure how I feel about Sorcerer as a system as it feels like we are hardly playing it and more just using its dice conventions, but the game itself is going really well in my opinion.

Next week we’ll likely start with a chase/fight which should at least get some dice rolls going.

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