Recap: Devil Survivor 22XX – Sessions 2, 3 & 4

My Wednesday night Sorcerer game done in SMT style have actually still been meeting every week since Session 1, and it is actually going fairly well. Text based games are fairly different beasts when compared to in person or online voice games, but one of the perks of which is having a log. As one of the key reasons I write APs is to help me remember what happened, the logs kind of hurt my motivation to actually get them out. The commentary, on the other hand, I think is still pretty valuable (to me at least), which the raw logs don’t capture, so I really should try harder to get those out on a regular basis.

For now, just to clear out the backlog on the three sessions since my last post, I’ll just give a high level recap of the events of the last few sessions.

Session 2 had Caine and Venkata go to Christopher’s house on the promenade, a large, open, upper class residential, shopping, and meeting space near the top of the building. They arrive and find police having partitioned off the building, and seem to be searching it.

Venkata is recognized by one of his contacts on the force, Frank Erickson. They let slip that they know Chris is dead, which the police didn’t actually know yet. They fail a roll, and so Frank wants to take them in for questioning, but they basically want to try again. The conversation sorta devolves into a ‘”Come on”, “No way”, repeat’ thing. I feel it was some bad consequence setting on my part.

I end up giving them another roll to avoid getting arrested, and they manage to get a bit out of Frank in exchange for what they know (although they leave out the details of whose greenhouse it was or where the body is). In return, they find out that the Arc’s de facto leader, Samuel Ryan, is looking for Chris, and that the symbol they found is for some cult called “Immaculate Genesis”, and that Venkata’s mom worked the case a while back. They decide to look into the cult and Caine thinks he might know someone who could tell them about it.

Session 3, Caine goes and meets his ‘contact’, who also happens to be his Bartender. Caesar O’Connor, owner of O’Connor’s Pub, and something of a community/activist leader among the lower class of the Arc. Caine’s timid nature, plus a combination of forgetfulness and inexperience on his player’s part, lead to O’Connor controlling much of the conversation. While the cult never came up, he did learn O’Connor’s take on the lockdown, that Ryan did it to trap a good chunk of the farmers outside so they couldn’t come to the demonstration they were planning. O’Connor extracts a verbal commitment from Caine to show up at the demonstration. And Jackalope causes a bit of trouble but Venkata manages to reign it in.

It is getting late, and given the information they withheld from the police, it is likely not safe for either man to go home, so the duo crash with a contact of Venkata’s, in a less than legal “hospital”.

Session 4 started with Caine’s COMP getting an email for Chris, in which one of his friends asked him to meet during the demonstration. They debate it for a bit, before deciding to meet with this guy and find out what he knows. I give them plenty of time before either event to investigate more or change their mind, but they decide to just get there early.

One failed roll later and I decide to introduce some wild demons. They encounter a duo of two iconic Fairy Race demons, Pixie and Jack Frost. They listen in on the two demons chattering away (about eating humans, about how they are looking for something for their Queen, about how the human world is strange), until Venkata tries to simply walk past them.

There’s a bit of confusion for a bit because I thought he was still trying to be stealthy, but apparently he is hoping ignoring them will be enough. The Pixie notices his ‘Camp’ (COMP) and tries to get his attention, which freaks Caine out enough that he sicks Wendigo on the wild demons. I kinda threw these demons in on a whim, so I didn’t have them statted out in Sorcerer, and haven’t reviewed the combat section in forever, so we called it there and will get into a demon fight next time.


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