Actual Play: The Good Shepherds – Session 11 – Tomb Raiders


I posted last week about trying harder to drive more when I wasn’t really feeling it, but I am not sure if I lived up to that last night. It wasn’t really apathy like it was last week, as it was a rather ill-timed headache/migraine. While I took some Ibuprofen right before we started, I didn’t feel any real relief until after we ended. I am also fairly sure (we play via voice chat online) that Nymn’s player was sick as well (he certainly sounded sick). My focus wasn’t all there, and I had to step away once or twice, but I will recount what I remember.

We started off finishing leveling up the crew. We floated a few ideas, but we were having trouble committing to anything. Eventually, we settled on the fact that we wanted a workshop for Nymn to invent in and such, and, lacking any better ideas for what to do with the other upgrade, put it in quality weapons. It’s probably not the choice we would have made if we were all in the mood to advocate for getting what we thought was “the best” decision, but they’re both choices that should be “nice to have”.

Anyway, we start out with our “Demonic Notice”, in which we get called in by Lady Penderin, the noble we helped out in session 5. None of us REALLY remembered her except the GM, but I did seem to recall that Sarge hadn’t met her, Sola did. Sarge doesn’t really trust her all too much, mostly due to meta concerns (my headache, I think being among them), so he refuses to give her his real name. She doesn’t like Scurlock much either and we trade some information with her.

We get stuck on deciding jobs again, which seems to be a bit of a sticking point for us as a group, but again about half of us are not in top medical form. Lady Penderin offers a job with the reward being some amulets to like, resist undead fear or something? I am utterly convinced they are cursed or going to track us or something, and so ask some very specific questions utilizing my “like looking in a mirror” ability to try and determine they aren’t.

My questions are answered to my satisfaction (barring “From a certain point of view” type bullshit, but I’ve yet to have any issues with my current GM in that regard). I’d still rather say no, but I have nothing to offer as an alternative to it, so we end up going for it.

The job is to break into some guy’s tomb, steal something he was buried with. The twist is that it is in the lost district, and that another gang (The Silver Nails IIRC) is also looking for it. We decide to take our boat out (to get past the lightning barrier), land near the graveyard in question, and make the rest of the way on foot. We botch the engagement, and so our landing zone is full of ghosts. We manage to ward them off with our spiritbane charms and sneak to the graveyard in a few quick group actions.

We have to locate the right tomb, and so we end up rolling survey, which results in a crit! We manage to find it before our rivals even know we are on their turf. The door is locked with some magic stuff, and so we just decide to break it down. Nymn has the ability to wreck quite, and so we don’t have to worry about making too much noise. It’s a really useful ability, but it does make my heavy investment into wreck (back when Nymn’s player was playing Loki) kind of irrelevant.

We get inside, only at THIS point to realize we have no idea what we are looking for. We do a quick flashback to get told that it is a golden eye, and it is likely inside this guy’s coffin itself. We debate just prying it open, but I decide to look for traps. I have to push myself cause I believe the only PC who had study at this point is Sola. But thanks to that and some help I manage to find another magical trap.

We try to disarm this one, fail (making the situation desperate), and then just decide to smash it, grab the eye, and run. A success on that roll means we make it out just in the nick of time, before a stone slab would have trapped us in there. We manage to sneak back onto our boat, and get out of dodge with the Silver nails never even knowing we were there.

We roll unquiet dead on our entanglements, the ghost whose tomb we robbed is pissed at us for taking his eye. And downtime ends up mostly being recovery and training. I bench Sarge to let him recover from his stress and minor injury, and will bust out Sola again next week.

Not much exp going around this week, except for Nymn who did alright for himself. I got a whole lot of nothing, mainly because my head still hurt and I wanted to finish more than I wanted to lobby, but I might take another look and see if the group agrees with me if I find anything now that my head is clear.

Hopefully Sola will get to bust some ghosts next time!

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