Actual Play: The Good Shepherds – Session 10 – By land or by Sea


Last night was weird for me, I wasn’t in the right head-space to game, and felt rather largely apathetic for most of it. On one hand, my normal willingness to speak up makes it very easy for me to dominate the limelight with this group, and I do WANT the other PCs to step up more, but I still think i was a bit of a drag on this session. I think the game actually still ended up okay, and I perked up a bit during the actiony parts (old D&D roots showing up, I guess), but my group deserved better than that.

Anyway, we started with some book keeping, mainly because we were converting to v8. I can’t quite speak for Nymn and Echoes, but Sarge’s sheet was largely unchanged (although not to be trifled with was tweaked to be an activated instead of a passive ability), and the Crew sheet came out basically unchanged. We were at v7 “strong” before, really close to ranking up, so we decided that to account for the removal of “firm” the crew would stay the same distance away from ranking up and from then on we would use the new track.

We recapped what happened last time and did a short free play. Echoes wanted to spy on what Scurlock was doing out at sea, and almost flubbed the roll except for help from Nymn. It was one of those moments where Echoes’ player rolled the dice JUST as Nymn volunteered to help. He had rolled snake eyes, but our GM was kind and let him add on the help die after the fact, which came up a six! We find out our vampire friend keeps going to the same 5 points out in the bay, which form a pentagram, but never dares enter the pentagram itself. Spooky.

We end up rolling on the new smuggler opportunities chart and get “Heiress needs to leave the city to meet her forbidden love. If you make it look like a kidnapping she’ll split the ransom”, fun! We’d been meaning to go out into the death-lands anyway so it’s the perfect job to do while our ship is in dock getting its new anti-leviathan gun installed! Her lover is some Deathland Scavenger and so all we need to do is get her a few miles out of the city.

New rules mean that we no longer have an espionage hunting ground as smugglers and instead have a favored cargo (people). Because this heiress IS part of our favored cargo we get a free downtime action to prep. We use this to acquire an asset, in this case, some rail jacks who will let us hitch a ride out of town on a cargo car without too many questions. We botch the roll but pay some coin to get up to the minimum quality.

Now, the only issue is the doing. We have our client lead her carriage driver down a questionable alley where we set up a barricade. Complicating matters, is the 1 we roll on engagement. It seems like a rival gang also wants in on this action (the red sashes, I think? I don’t really recall). Echoes manages to get the drop on them though, and takes out their leader, scaring them off.

Sarge then leaps up onto the carriage, and take out the driver, but I get shot by her escort inside the cab. I manage to ace the resistance roll so Sarge is only a LITTLE shot, but no real stress lost. Sarge Nymn then detonates the barricades we set up (I don’t think we even had a formal flashback to setting that up, but it worked). And then I try to drive the carriage away. Sarge doesn’t actually HAVE finesse (the skill we use for driving), but I push myself, and get help for two dice. I manage to roll boxcars, and so we manage to crit. I suggest that not only does the carriage make a clean getaway, but Nymn and Echoes manage to hop on first.

We board the train, hoboroll off of it, and prowl across the deathlands to the rendezvous point. We spend some time in the company of the scavengers, Nymn and Sarge try to make some friends by telling old war stories. We succeed, but our boosting starts to get the attention of demons of the deathlands, which starts a clock. Uh-oh.

We get paid, and make it back to town. We manage to score enough rep and coin in the process to make it to tier 1! We’re on the map now, for good or for ill. Unluckily, we roll “demonic notice” on entanglement, so those demons aren’t gonna wait to mess with us after all! Crew manages to level up as well, but we didn’t have time to decide what we wanted to spend the rank up on, so we’ll leave that until next time.


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