Actual Play: The Good Shepherds – Session 9 – Risk & Reward


A nasty bug going around kept us from meeting last week, but the Shepherds were back at it last night! We started off getting some info from our spy we placed in Scurlock’s place a bit back. Finding out that our Vampire pal is up to something down at the docks. We meet with our dock contact, Elynn from our smuggler’s sheet, who points us in the right direction. All we really find out is that he’s been taking a boat out onto the bay, moving around in strange patterns with weird hooded figures on board. It’s a bit spooky, but with me playing Sarge instead of Sola, none of us have the occult specialty ready to try and figure out what he is doing. As a result, our take away from that is that he has a boat. We decide that our long term project to install weapons on the Kraken isn’t quite going fast enough, and so we’ll hire someone to do it for us, just in case we run into that boat.

We meet with another contact on our crew sheet, Sera, the arms dealer. We take a bit and decide she is the cheeriest arms dealer around, cause she LOVES her job (especially the making things go boom part). We talk it out over tea, and give her our last two coin as a down payment on a big-ass 8 coin gun, designed to potentially injure a leviathan if we need to. That said, we still need get the last 6 coin for the rest of the payment. We decide to see if the Hive could use any contractors at the moment, and they give us what looks like a simple pickup.

We have to go all the way to the Dagger Isles, and there are rumors of pirates around, but we’re not too worried… Until we roll a 1 for engagement, looks like there was a reason the Hive didn’t put one of their own on it. It’s a decent clock to make the trip, and the first result is a mixed one. We’re making progress, but we run into a small fleet of pirates straight away. We try a flashback to Nymn tinkering with the engine to make it go faster so we can out run them, but he wiffs that, and Echoes wiffs the (now limited effect) roll to escape.

The pirates board, and we jump into the fight! Sarge is right up in the thick of it with them, and Echoes is up in the crow’s nest shooting them. We’re spending stress, and spend some armor, but we manage to push them back. Now, these guys came in on three boats, and we managed to beat them all at once, AND I still have my heavy armor slot left, so I think it’d be a good idea to counter-board one of these. Nymn and Echoes are both of very limited help here, since they don’t have the stress left, but Sarge manages to fight his way to the captain of one of the ships, and take his head.

I declare that the ship is mine and I’ll cut down anyone who wants to try anything otherwise, using my last slot on my fine scary weapon (the Unity Saber), and Echoes spending his last free stress to help, and manage to get a 6! The crew seems like they’ll go with it, for now. I offer to split the profit of the sale of the ship with them if they help me bring it into port, and we take a detour to do so quickly before they change their minds.

The ship brings in 10 coin, but I keep my word and let the crew of the ship split 5 of that among themselves. We briefly consider bailing on the job at this point when Nymn points out that he has a personal coin he’d throw in to bring that profit up to the 6 we need. Sarge is 2 stress away from getting a trauma, and has no armor left, and the other two are only 1 (but have armor). We decide to keep going, mostly because one of our Crew’s tenets is that we don’t back out of a deal.

We have some fails and mixed results getting the rest of the way, but we’re starting to get near our end time so most of them are just quick consequences. Our engine dies and we have to cut into the ship profits again when Nymn fails at fixxing it. We end up getting dangerously close to a leviathan, and then when we get a mixed result AGAIN, Echoes gets injured (although his armor ends up taking it) and knocked overboard. We end up making it without anyone traumaing out, get paid, and call it a win!

I believe all of us double-vice for our main actions. Sarge stashes his coin leftover after paying Sera, and Nymn trains with it, while Echoes tries to establish a safe house for when we inevitably bring the wrath of a vampire down on us before we are ready (the GM was kind enough to inform us that the clock for that is called “Lord Scurlock doesn’t believe in half-measures), but rolls badly and gets a poor-quality one. We describe him as just being a tailor who might be willing to put up with us for a bit, but it is something.

We got a lot of desperate xp this session, and each got at least 1 for our respective “Address a challenge with…” option. Our playbook also managed to score one in each category, and we are pretty close to hitting the needed rep to tier up. As a result, we’re probably going for money again next time, as we kinda spent it all on a big gun (totally worth it) and we need to pull 4 coin together to tier up. There’s also been talk of doing a land based job next session, so maybe the Kraken will be getting the gun installed next time!


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