Actual Play: The Good Shepherds – Session 8 – Smooth Criminals


We ended last session with the Shepherds going to war with the canal dockers. As legitimate business people, the canal dockers sturck back in the best way they knew how. They were suing us. Now, the threat of that had already been looming, so this didn’t come as too much of a shock, but it was much sooner than we anticipated. Echoes got served, and that started a clock until our day in court, so we had to move quickly.

Now we had the deed to the building, but it had been signed under very clear duress, and so that wouldn’t quite be enough on its own. Now, I had been planning on tracking down an corrupt notary and getting the signing notarized as a long term project to legitimize the deal, but this meant we had to do it NOW. Our story, we decided, was that the dockers were having a ghost problem with the property, and so decided to sell it on the cheap to us. Once we took care of the ghosts, they wanted the property back and so were trying to say we stole it. All of this is technically true, although, obviously we are leaving out key details, like why the ghosts were there or why they “decided” to sell to us, or that “cheap” was free.

If I recall correctly, we got a 4 or 5 to find the guy, which meant the court clock got ticked, and we had to pay through the nose for his services (3 coin, I think). We still had a good amount of time even after the clock tick, so we decided to try and get public opinion on our side as well. We went to our friends the Ink Rakes, and tried to get them to publish our side of the story. Echoes failed his sway roll (two threes), and so they weren’t inclined to believe that this was true. Echoes ended up making a resistance roll to reduce that consequence (first time we resisted something other than harm), and rolled a 6, so he took no stress in the process. He managed to convince them that this story would be worth it, but we had to grease some palms in the process (another coin down).

Our vault was now empty, and we needed to hire a lawyer. We asked if we had time to make some coin between now and the trial, and the answer was yes. We went to our friends in The Lost, and they happened to have just the thing for us. They had some assets who had attracted too much heat in the imperial city, but if we could bring them to Doskvol, they might be of more use here. The big thing was that the people we were trying to extract were under watch.

We get to the Imperial City with very little trouble, (although I think the pirates we pissed off took note of us). We do a quick recon of the situation, and determine that we need to pull the guards that are performing stakeout away so we can sneak our targets out. Nymn decides to rig up a series of fake bombs, designed to cause people to panic and keep the guards busy, but not actually explode. 6, plus another 6 on engagement. Echoes pretends to have “found” the bomb and tries to get the officers to deal with it, another 6. Sarge uses the ensuing panic as cover to sneak the targets out, and crits. The targets are on our boat and we get out of town before anyone even knew what hit them. We generate minimal heat, and roll an event we don’t qualify for on entanglement.

We take our pay and use it to higher a lawyer, who when we roll fortune for his fee, comes up with a 6. He still ain’t cheap, but he doesn’t take us for a ride either. Thanks to our prep work and the help of our lawyer “Cousin Vinny”, the “sale” of the warehouse we took from the Dockers ends up holding up in court, which means that property is legally ours, instead of just technically ours.

We spend our down time on some training, as well as reducing stress. Things went SO well this evening, that we were actually done early. We didn’t QUITE have enough time to pull off a second score, so we called it there. I didn’t manage to earn any (non-training) exp for Sarge this week, things went a bit too smoothly to address challenges with threats or violence, and that’s okay for now. The crew, however, managed to earn 5 exp, enough for it to level up! We invested in our last training upgrade (insight), and also realized after all the money we spent this session, only being able to hold 4 coin in reserve wasn’t enough, so increased the size of our vault. We also happened to get enough rep this session to increase our hold back up to firm, so if we end the war, we’ll be at strong!

Hopefully Sarge will be able to bash some heads next week!


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