Actual Play: The Good Shepherds – Session 7 – New Friends, New War


We start off with Loki getting out of prison, Nymn’s player prefered his new character, but we all wanted to see how his incarceration roll went. Thanks to some luck and his “Jailbird” ability, he managed to score a 6, which got us our first prision claim (it was rather unclear if we started with that center one or not, so we just decided you had to get that first), and ment he made a friend on the inside. He liked The Wraiths, so he spent his 6 roll, and the natural +1 he also gets for jailbird, to get them to a +2.

Sarge was back this session, and Nymn wasn’t too happy about finding out ANOTHER Imperial military member was in this crew. Sarge told him that he could suck it up, or if not, there’s the door, but he did mention that he’d heard good things about him via Sola. The game kinda stalls after that for like 15~20 minutes as it becomes clear no one (GM included) has any ideas for a score ready this evening. We kind of spitball for a bit, but don’t really get anywhere, until we finally decide that maybe we could trade favors with the Ink Rakes, we’d help them out, and they would be our “Informants” claim.

They want us to break into a ward boss (Meyer Bordon) house and steal some heretical idol so they have some proof that he had it. I try scoping it out a bit, but don’t roll all too well, so we don’t get much information other than knowing it has a decent amount of staff, some of which are armed. The plan we come up with is to ambush one of the staff when they go out drinking, steal his uniform, and then sneak in disguised as one of the servants.

Echoes manages to track one of these guys to a dark ally and then Sarge manages to get him in a choke hold to knock him out. Unfortunately, due to a Devil’s Bargain Echoes took, the uniform gets damaged in the attempt. Nymn tries to repair it, but botches the roll, resulting in his repair job being just as conspicuous as the tear. Now, we only have one uniform, and Sarge and Nymn only have dots in Command as their social skills, with Echoes being the only one with enough Sway to have a chance of pulling this off. The downside being, he’s pretty high on stress, so he won’t be able to push himself or resist during the job.

Sarge and Nymn park it nearby outside, and we roll for engagement. Things end up ‘Risky’ for Echoes, most of the guys working know each other, so he stands out a bit. He tries to use his spirit charm and an unskilled attune roll to figure out where the idol is, and gets a partial success. He gets an idea of where to go, but people are already starting to get suspicious (2 ticks on a 4 tick clock). He grabs a load of laundry to make it look like he is busy, and makes his way deeper into the house.

He ends up outside a locked door, the owner’s personal study. He tries to pick the lock, with a Devil’s Bargain being the lock conspicuously breaks. He fails, so not only is the lock broken, but he is on the wrong side of it. He finds a nearby window and signals to the street about his issue. And so Nymn sends up some alchemicals so he can try to wreck the door quietly. Unfortunately, Echoes’ wreck isn’t too good either, so, after completely damaging the lock and uselessly freezing it solid, the head butler shows up and demands to know what’s going on here.

Echoes claims that he just noticed it was like that when he got there and thinks someone might have got in there to take something. The GM has him roll sway but (rightly) calls that a desperate roll. Echoes rolls two dice and gets boxcars! Everyone freaks out about what I think is the first crit in like, 4 sessions. The butler not only buys Echoes’ story, but knows another way to open the door to let him in to “investigate”.

Echoes steals the idol, gives it to his pet to take out to the rest of us, while he just walks out the door on the claims of hanging the laundry. We drop the guy whose uniform we stole off on the stoop (with a story about how he literally lost his shirt at the Silver Stag), and make off with our prize.

We get our claim, although we didn’t score any actual money from this job, but we made friends and allies in the Ink Rakes. Our heat only went up a very tiny bit, but it was still JUST enough to put us into the next category thanks to our wanted level. We end up rolling show of force AGAIN on our chart, and decide that the canal dockers aren’t feeling like waiting for the courts to do their job and are taking matters into their own hands. We say screw em, and the Shepherds are once again at war.

Thankfully, we got War Dogs last session so this just gives us a boost to our downtime actions, most of which are vice rolls and training. Sarge manages to advance his playbook, and I take a Veteran for him of the Slide’s “Like Looking in a Mirror”, he also advances Resolve, and so I have him learn consort. Echoes manages to learn Attune. Our heat is high, and we still have a wanted level, and so Loki decides the safest place to ride out this war is in jail, so he heads back there to clear our heat. The crew itself doesn’t get much in the way of exp this week, but we’re making progress.

Next week, we’ll be at war again, which might make a good excuse to take the dockers for what they’ve got!


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