Actual Play: The Good Shepherds – Session 2 – The Devil Gets His Due


For those just tuning in, we’re the Good Shepherds, a group of small time travel brokers who specialize in getting people into and out of Doskvol under the radar, our characters are:

  • Sarge: My PC, an Ex-military Cutter whose got a wife and kids at home as his obligation vice
  • Echoes: An ex-merchant Hound who enjoys the company of ladies of the evening.
  • Loki: A born criminal Spider who literally LIVES in a brothel

We started off last night last night with some downtime from our last job. I asked if we could take it in the imperial city since heading back home with an empty boat isn’t good business and I wanted to scout out another job for our return trip. I was pretty low stress so the fact that I couldn’t indulge my vice here wasn’t a big deal to me (new PCs so no traumas!) while the other two were able to find some ‘companionship’ easily enough. I gather information and train. Echoes indulges his vice (and manages to roll just the right amount, or there abouts), and trains. Loki indulges his vice twice, but ends up over-indulging, and elected to be tapped out, so he is not welcome in the brothels of the imperial city (although he later conveniently found another stress he should have taken before then to negate that). He also spends a coin to take an extra action to start a long term project to get a spy in that Vampire’s household, so at least he did something useful.

My gather information roll came up a 6, and had extra effect since I spent a downtime action on it, so I manage to find a new prospective passenger on the docks. It is a teenage girl Ariana Coleville, seemingly of low Noble birth. She wants passage to Doskvol and is willing to pay us to get her past the lockdown. We bargain her up a bit and then take the job. We decide that this is a standard score with an extra on top because we made our sway roll to get a little extra out of her. Echoes wants to try and figure out why she wants to get out of the city, she just says that after her sister died, she couldn’t bear to be here anymore, and clams up mostly after that. We are also informed OOC, that what she DIDN’T mention, is that she is carrying her sister’s ghost with her! Uh-oh.

The GM keeps wanting to sick a leviathan on us on our sea voyage, but can’t really justify it with the rolls we end up getting. We DO end up with pirates instead. I be a bad player here and try to scare them off. There would be nothing wrong with that, except I, as a player, know our Hound Player is Hungry for exp, and that fighting these guys would have been his change to get it (solving a problem with tracking or violence). I on the other hand, could have not intimidated them, and gotten exp either way (since as a cutter I get them for intimidation OR violence). I did the safe, In-character thing instead of the thing that would have let my fellow PC shine, when there was no real benefit for me to do so. I gotta keep that in mind in the future.

I also took a devil’s bargain on that roll, the pirates are gonna be talking shit about our group either way, which will increase our heat, this will be important later. I roll a 6 and have a Fine Scary weapon, which I decide is a ceremonial very recognizable sword I got for exceptional service (read: many confirmed kills) in the military, so it actually works out. The pirates tell us to watch ourselves whenever we’re next out this way, but never try and board. Again, should have let my buddy get in on it and just fought them (I’m even ‘Not to be Messed With’ so the pirates didn’t even outnumber me), but I didn’t think of that until after the moment.

Our second passenger has been getting restless, and so there’s been some spooky stuff happening. I try to investigate and end up with a 1. Things go full poltergeist from there. Loki manages to attune with her and get her to calm down, and eventually getting her to agree to stay quiet for the rest of the trip, sealing it with a ghost contract. The rest of the trip is quiet, and we manage to get back into town with no issue. The girl and her sister are set yo as a tier 0 faction, with a +1 rep to us, so over all things went pretty well!

We don’t get much heat for this job, only 1, pushing us up to 3, however, we also get 2 more for the Devil’s bargain I took earlier, bloody pirates! That pushes us into the 4, 5 range for entanglement. We roll a 6 which on the 4, 5 table is ‘Show of Force’, had we only had 3 heat, it would have been ‘Cooperation’ which wouldn’t have hurt us since we don’t have a +3 faction. As it stands, we have no claim to give up, so, because I needed that +1 die, we’re now at War with the Fog Hounds.

We do downtime, which I try and get some family time in, but end up rolling a 1, the stress of war will do that, while Echoes manages to get much better at reducing stress, getting down to exactly 0. Loki gathers some information (which I help on, resulting in my stress being exactly what I started at) to figure out what to expect here. It seems like they’ll be trying to bleed us out by going after our supply lines and undercutting our contracts. We’re kinda in a bad way with a pretty big tier disadvantage, but we’ll see about taking the fight to them next week!


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